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Employees of Stichting voor Regionale Zorgverlening in Zeeland (SVRZ) determine together with clients how they can best provide care, taking into account values that are important to them. The result of this modus operandi is that the scheduling process for the provision of care is changing. It is no longer the size of the employee contract that is leading in scheduling shifts but rather the care that is required. SVRZ has opted to use ORTEC self-scheduling in order to support this new modus operandi.

Challenges facing SVRZ

In order to accomplish SVRZ’s mission and ensure that client care needs are leading for the care provided, the foundation has opted to introduce self-scheduling so that employees:

  • Hold full responsibility in determining shift schedules
  • Ensure there is adequate staffing in consultation with one other 

How has SVRZ optimized the scheduling process?

SVRZ has optimized the scheduling process by opting to base services on the needs of clients rather than on job contracts and by having employees schedule shifts themselves.

The ORTEC Solutions

  • ORTEC Workforce Scheduling
  • ORTEC Self-Scheduling Modules

The results for SVRZ

  • Employees have greater influence over their own shifts, creating greater job satisfaction
  • Employees can make alterations themselves
  • Less disruption to the shift schedule
  • No (unnecessary) extensions to shifts