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ORTEC White paper - Routing and Loading

ORTEC Simultaneous Routing and Loading: Driving the Success of Supply Chain Leaders

Companies leave money on the table, by thinking and managing supply chains in silos. Typically, routing and load building were considered to be two separate independent process steps in the Supply Chain. The solution presented in this whitepaper show that an integrated solution is available today and operating very successfully. It also explains the underlying technique of this concept. Moreover, the various industries and results show that there is a wide range of applications, and a strong interest from multiple sides.

Given the integrated way of routing and load building, typical cost savings are enormous, typically over 10%. This is because of the interaction between the two aspects, and the fact that the typical experience facts of routing and load building individually equals over 5% of savings as well. These savings imply a similar reduction in the emission footprint. Improved accuracy, more dynamic routing, and transporting less air in the truck all contribute to a higher service level and stronger positioning against competition.

Considering this innovation was developed in partnership with ORTEC and global leaders like Walmart and Coca-Cola - and that this solution is embedded in SAP - it is our view that integrated routing and loading represents a new era of optimization in logistics.

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