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ORTEC White paper - Top 10 Reasons to Optimize Transportation Planning

Both management and shareholders will recognize significant benefits ensuring healthy growth over the long term.

Advanced Planning Systems (APS) are excellent at helping companies reduce costs. These systems are extremely powerful, processing data and evaluating options much faster than humans can. Cost reduction, however, isn’t the only benefit of this technology. APS can be applied to other corporate initiatives, and is particularly useful for identifying new business opportunities. From a transportation standpoint, optimization projects can be grouped into different categories:

  1. Increase efficiency of existing planning process
  2. Change the current planning process
  3. Enlarge the scope of the planning process
  4. Launch new business activities
In this white paper, we will share best practice(s) for transportation optimization at both midsize and international companies in various industries. This includes transportation companies and logistic service providers (LSP, also abbreviated as 3PL), but also retailers and shippers. More details, background information, and examples will be given for the various categories, described above.

We will also advise on how to make better strategic and tactical decisions. And, how actual orders help you to influence and optimize operational and real-time decisions to improve both operational efficiency and service to your customers. We will take a look at the positioning of Advanced Planning Systems in the context of other IT-solutions (e.g. ERP, WMS, TMS) related to transportation and how it can empower these solutions. Finally, we explain how it can support specific logistics concepts for sub-industries, such as postal & express, bulk & liquid, contract logistics, groupage, and freight forwarding, as well as for shippers. The purpose of this white paper is to help you discover the multiple business advantages of optimization for transportation companies, logistics service providers, retailers, and manufacturers. 

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