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Shift Bidding

What is Shift Bidding?

With shift bidding, the planner distributes the shifts among those employees who have signed up for them. In contrast, shift picking allows employees to have more direct influence over their own schedules. In a ‘first come, first served’ model, the first employee to select their preferred shift is automatically assigned to it.

Why optimize Workforce Scheduling and use Shift Bidding?

Shift bidding has numerous advantages, it reduces the time spent on scheduling and promotes greater employee involvement. A better balance between work and private life leads to greater employee engagement, satisfaction and loyalty, resulting in lowering absenteeism due to sickness and employee turnover, while at the same time increasing productivity.

How to optimize Workforce Scheduling and introduce Shift Bidding?

The first step to introduce shift bidding is to optimize workforce scheduling by introducing or combining self-scheduling. A common cycle used for self-scheduling combined with shift bidding, is the following:

Round 1

Scheduling is prepared by employees, who choose their own shifts: self-scheduling.

Round 2

Schedule is published, showing duplications and gaps, employees resolve any scheduling problems through self-scheduling.

Round 3

Understaffed and overstaffed shifts are reallocated by the planner or are offered to employees through a bidding process called shift bidding, after which the planner allocates the shifts. An alternative is to offer shift picking, in that case the first employee to select their desired shift is assigned to it automatically.

What are the results of optimizing Workforce Scheduling and using Shift Bidding?

Introducing self-scheduling and shift bidding:

  • Reduces time spend on scheduling significantly
  • Eliminates time spend on communication to schedule
  • Increases employee involvement, motivation and satisfaction
  • Reduces absences from work
  • Improves productivity
  • Reduces extended shifts and overtime
Why contact ORTEC to optimize Workforce Scheduling and introduce Shift Bidding?

ORTEC has extensive knowledge and experience in optimizing workforce scheduling, introducing autonomous planning or self-scheduling, shift-bidding, shift-picking and shift-swapping in different industries that all have specific needs but have complexity in common.