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Woonstichting De Key

A clogged drain, a leaky faucet, a broken switch or a cracked window - every day, the callcenter for Woonstichting De Key receives around 150 requests for repairs from its tenants. In order to efficiently schedule the various craftsmen and to serve the customers, Woonstichting De Key uses the ORTEC Service Planning solution. This saves De Key travel expenses and time, allows for more efficient assignments for the craftsmen and makes it easier to meet the customers’ needs.

The situation

The repair requests that come in to the De Key callcenter used to be printed out individually and placed in the craftsmen’s mail boxes. This meant that the intake assistants and the work preparers had to meet regularly to distribute the work assignments among the available craftsmen. This process was time-consuming and made it difficult to have an overview of the schedule.

The solution

To optimize the scheduling process for the technicians, Woonstichting De Key chose for ORTEC Service Planning.

The results

With the help of ORTEC Service Planning, Woonstichting De Key has achieved the following results:

  • Greater efficiency: every day, 20 percent more work assignments are carried out 
  • Insight into the schedule, overview and supervision of the work 
  • Greater flexibility: quickly anticipate changes to the schedule and the customer’s requests 
  • Cost savings: fewer kilometers and shorter travel times 
  • Higher level of service: the customer appointments can be scheduled more accurately