ortec inventory routing release 10

ORTEC Inventory Routing 10

With a focus on demand forecasting and order generation, ORTEC Inventory Routing 10’s new default forecasting engine will allow for more accurate forecasting. We have included machine learning to evaluate the correct forecasting method, and incorporated new forecasting measurements. The new release also incorporates consumption measurements and demand variance calculations to prioritize deliveries and avoid costly run-outs.

New Features

  • The new release of ORTEC Inventory Routing will allow for improved forecasting through integrated forecast analysis. It allows users to explore new forecasting methods, such as using temperature-dependent forecasting to improve delivery timing calculations and prevent run-out situations during cold seasons.


  • The incorporation of consumption measurements (point of sales data or meter data) as an extra data source will allow for more accurate tank level calculations, facilitating better predictions of delivery times and preventing the chance of run-outs.
  • Forecasting capabilities will determine the variance of calculated demand to evaluate the earliest run-out date. In other words, you will be able to better predict when your storage reaches bottom stock and prioritize deliveries based on potential risk.


  • The new release of ORTEC Inventory Routing also introduces an optimizer that delivers an optimal load plan, taking restrictions like axle weights and filling rules into account.

Major improvements

  • The ‘Inner City’ routing developments introduced in the previous release of the ORTEC Inventory Routing will not only prevent turns that are not allowed by traffic authorities, but also proactively avoid undesirable U-turns if they are too sharp.

  • Drive time calculations will be improved by replacing current road types and speed profiles with the speed categories provided by the map supplier. An option to configure speeds is also available.
  • The map production process has been improved to provide a higher update frequency of map data, should you require the latest street network updates.
  • Allowing the optimizer and scheduler to ignore the opening times of a depot in order to plan outside of the opening times and thereby improve driver and truck utilization.
In sum, here is how you benefit from the new releases:

  • Forecasting customer needs: timely replenishment is key to boost customer satisfaction
  • Less miles travelled mean less CO2 emissions. Lowering your supply chain’s environmental impact.
  • More control: volatility is a fact of life. Dealing with it just got easier.
  • Lowering costs without compromising service levels
  • Maximizing utilization: a fleet working at peak efficiency contributes to higher margins.

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