ORTEC and the Environment

As the core of our work is to optimize our customers’ worlds, our main environmental contribution can be found in the reduction of our customers’ environmental footprints. Even so, we also enjoy optimizing our own energy and material use.

Influence and control environmental impact

We optimize complex business processes by enabling better decision making and increasing control our customers have over their operations. This increases efficiency, reduces costs and enables them to positively influence their environmental impact. Hence, they can reduce their energy, materials and water use; consequently reducing greenhouse gas emissions (e.g. CO2, CH4, N2O, etc.) and other harmful emissions to the environment; for example reducing NOx, SOx and fine dust emissions, which greatly improves air quality.

Although our global sustainability impact is most significant via the results we deliver for our customers, we optimize our own operations as well.

... in our own environment

In 2014 we moved ORTEC headquarters to an existing office building, which we renovated resulting in the highest possible energy certifications. This move greatly reduces the energy used in our office, provides better access via public transportation and is less prone to traffic jams. In addition, we were able to place electric vehicle charging stations to stimulate (hybrid) electric driving amongst our employees and service customers with electric vehicles. Switching to flexible work stations and installing teleconference technology creates greater collaboration between departments and international offices; while simultaneously reducing travel miles and related emissions.

Continuous optimization

In the future, besides continuously optimizing the world of all ORTEC customers, we will also continue to optimize our own environment. Inspired by the Ecovadis approach, we will start analyzing and improving our own suppliers’ sustainability. In addition, we want to further reduce energy and materials use, increase the share of renewables in our energy mix and increase our recycling rates.