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ORTEC Routing Suite 10

September 2018
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ORTEC for Mobile Workforce B-to-B

Your company usually arranges the provision of services to business partners via long-term contracts including regular maintenance, malfunctions, inspections and certifications. The challenge is to execute all tasks in accordance with the SLAs, without it negatively affecting your service organization’s financial targets. ORTEC’s Industry solutions for Mobile Workforce provide support for all of the essential steps in your service process. Enabling you to determine the necessary capacity, assign the right employee to the right activity and ensure a simple but complete registration of the work performed. In so doing, we help increase your customer and employee satisfaction, vital for your success in the short and long term.

A selection of our customers

  • Maas International
  • Rentokil Initial
  • Saval

Discover the value

  • Advance insight into the level of under- or over-capacity
  • Optimal routes: up to 10% fewer kilometers and 8% less driving time
  • Up to 20% more assignments daily using the same capacity
  • Higher employee satisfaction due to feasible schedules
  • Real-time insight into planning, overview and supervision of execution
  • Faster and complete digital reporting on the activities completed during the day

Get in control

  • Schedule the actual and projected work load
  • Determine the qualified capacity necessary at a specific moment in time
  • Deal with flexibility in staff availability
  • Handle dynamics (hours/weeks) in the differences between SLAs
  • Be flexible in recording employees’ activities
  • Minimize service costs

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