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Maas International

The Maas International Group is one of the biggest European suppliers of vending machines. Besides the sale and supply of the machines and associated products, the company also handles machine maintenance. Maas International bv has 800-plus technicians and operators on the road to maintain and restock the machines and to carry out repairs as needed. 

The challenge

“Our mobile solution and planning software was ripe for replacement,” says Willem van den Berg, Managing Director at Maas Netherlands. “We were looking for a new system to ensure that the working process that our operators and technicians follow on site is even more efficient and effective. Our operators restock 40,000 machines in the Benelux, Germany and England. That poses a challenge based on sheer numbers alone.” 

The solution

Maas has chosen for ORTEC’s advanced planning and optimization software - Ortec Service Planning - and Sigmax’ mobile software, with seamless connections between devices. With this total solution, Maas International can optimally plan all the work orders for the operators and technicians, plus the routes they need to take. Once on site, the technicians and operators consult the schedule on a handheld device, which also includes access to all details of the work orders. 

Maas International is also optimizing its logistics network for restocking the machines. “We wondered whether the working model for the operators and the logistics network for supplying storage locations was functioning optimally. In consultation with ORTEC, we conducted a study on the topic to arrive at the best logistics model for our operation,” says Willem van den Berg.