ORTEC Routing Suite 10

September 2018
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ORTEC for Oil, Gas & Chemicals

Dealing with downstream optimization means also dealing with inventory management, full-load planning, and building multi-stop-routes. ORTEC’s industry solutions for Oil, Gas & Chemicals help you create a schedule that’s efficient, so you can replenish your gas stations at the optimum time at minimum cost, while complying with the applicable rules & regulations.

A selection of our customers

  • bp
  • Engen Petroleum
  • Liquigas
  • primagaz
  • q8

Discover the value

  • Improve your utilization
  • Reduce your number of miles driven
  • Reduce your stock-outs and increase drop size
  • Increase  your customer's satisfaction
  • Improve your process efficiency and effectiveness

Get in control

  • Forecast demand and generating your orders
  • Optimize the use of your resources
  • Create a standardized interface to integrate your SAP, ERP, telemetry, and mobile solutions
  • Manage your real-time updates with use of track & trace
  • Monitor your Key Performance Indicators with KPI dashboards

Join industry leaders & start optimizing

Prior to contacting ORTEC, we already knew that our network redesign had to focus on changing the bottle center distribution. It was really satisfying to see our assumptions confirmed in ORTEC’s results, together with a number of options we had not even considered yet"


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