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VU University Medical Center (VUmc) represents distinctive patient care, top-level scientific education, and breakthrough research. Based on a Christian tradition, VUmc combines a belief in personal treatment, integrity, and respect, with a healthy ambition and fundamental curiosity. VUmc aims to make people better, and at the same time improve itself while contributing to tomorrow’s medical knowledge.

VUmc’s operating income increased from € 666 million in 2012, to € 720 million in 2013. Operating expenses increased from € 641 million in 2012, to € 707 million in 2013. The budget and multi-year outlook show the financing of VU University Medical Center for the years 2014 and 2015 is under pressure. The introduction of performance-related financing, and the associated tightening of the risk profile of the care sector, for example, by finance providers, means it is important to maintain a sufficient solvency level and meet the standards applicable in the sector.


 To automate employee scheduling to address:

  • complex labor and compensation rules incorporating all relevant rules (government laws, industry rules and collective labor agreements)
  • employees’ varying working hours, positions, and personal preferences
  • extract valuable management information from the scheduling software
  • an interface with PeopleSoft, our Human Resources system


ORTEC Workforce Scheduling met the above requirements. Moreover, it increased efficiency, reduced errors, and provided more flexibility in the schedules. VUmc implemented ORTEC Workforce Scheduling, and depending on the type of ward and type of planning, planners work with the next modules to support their specific planning:

  • Workstation Planning
  • Schedule Optimizer
  • Employee Self Service that allows employees to view their planning at home and from the ward. They can request wishes, swap request for shifts and leave, and check their leave balance.
VUmc implemented the interface between ORTEC Workforce Scheduling and HR PeopleSoft to enable updates on daily base employee data and import illness. On Monthly base, VUmc export the realized and agreed planning/shifts for payrolling.

 The results

  • Process profits: reduced schedule times, fewer errors and complaints, less administration, faster scheduling insight
  • Health improvements: healthy schedules resulted in more healthy employees, and fewer last minute changes in schedules resulted in less experienced workload
  • Organization profits: faster insight annual hours, faster insight mutations, better understanding of demand and supply, better control by management, faster processing and insight in payrolling, increased user satisfaction, and more transparent scheduling process
  • Financial profit: fewer staff needed for employee administration, fewer planners needed, fewer fines Labor Inspection, costs substitution when employees are lent to other wards for one or more days, fewer errors due to automation of the payroll process
"Nous sommes heureux de travailler avec ORTEC, en raison de la solution ORTEC Workforce Scheduling mais également en raison de l'excellente qualité du service"
Hôpital VUMC à Amsterdam