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ORTEC Routing Suite 10

September 2018
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ORTEC for Transportation

Managing outbound logistics involves mastering a series of complicated steps that each can have a huge impact on your overall performance. Think about planning your multi-stop truck routes. ORTEC’s Transportation Industry solutions enable you to create routes that strike the best balance between customer satisfaction, cost efficiency and applicable rules & regulations.

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  • PostNL
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  • Toll
  • Albert Schweitzer Ziekenhuis

Discover the value

  • Reduce your miles driven by up to 10%
  • Improve your truck utilization 
  • Reduce your CO2 emissions 
  • Increase your flexibility and customer satisfaction 
  • Reduce the amount of planning time you need by up to 50%

Get in control

  • Manage working capital
  • Manage delivery planning
  • Determine the impact of demand changes
  • Efficiently plan route schedules
  • Real-time communication of traffic congestion, rush orders, order changes

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