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Workforce at airports

What is key to managing Workforces at Airports?

Aviation is a highly competitive, low margin industry. Airports want to guarantee safety and security and offer their travelers excellent service for the lowest possible price. When preparing schedules for your employees in security, cleaning, technical facilities and other services, you have to take into account a wide range of processes, complex legislation and a great variety of labor agreements. How do you ensure that the schedules are optimal, while keeping to the budget and taking the personnel’s preferences and skills into account?

Why optimize managing Workforces at Airports?

The main challenge in airports, is to manage the complexity of:

  • A variety of facilitating services with their own restrictions and needs due to the labor itself
  • A variety of restrictions due to the different applicable Collective Labor Agreements or laws
  • A large flexible workforce during the peak seasons
  • Complex schedules which often run 24/7 and are regularly interdependent
  • The support of an airtight security system
How to optimize managing Workforces at Airports?

The solution is to choose a flexible and reliable smart system which is able to:

  • Schedule different departments with a variety of restrictions
  • Offer self-scheduling and/or shift bidding so people can schedule themselves. This saves planning time and creates a better balance between work and private life which leads to less absenteeism and increased productivity
  • Integrate the scheduling system to communicate with the main HRM and Payroll systems, to prevent errors and save time
  • Prevent people from scheduling whose access to the airport has been denied
  • Schedule flexible workforces with a variety of contracts
What are the results of optimizing managing Workforces at Airports?

Optimizing managing workforces at airports will enable you to:

  • Oversee and handle different departments, organizations and complex restrictions with the same software solution
  • Apply complex restrictions, which makes it suitable for civil servants such as customs and the military police, who are not allowed to work all weekends or the nightshift after they’ve reached a certain age
  • Manage complex challenges like ageing, fluctuations in workload and exchanges, even over the longer term
Why contact ORTEC to optimize managing Workforces at Airports?

ORTEC has extensive experience with managing workforces at airports. The advantages of working with ORTEC Solutions:

  • Optimal scheduling processes and efficiency in the schedule
  • Immediate corrections through control of budget and expenses
  • High employee satisfaction through insight into and influence on the schedule
  • Strict compliance with CLA, working hours laws and regulations
  • Link with HRM/back office systems

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