31 maja 2016 | Zoetermeer (NL)

Libéma opts for smart workforce scheduling with ORTEC

Libéma makes sure guests have a memorable experience by exceeding their expectations. Excellent service starts with smooth business operations and smart workforce scheduling. This formed the basis for an in-depth study conducted by the leisure group into a new scheduling system for the more than twenty Libéma locations with different scheduling methods and collective labor agreements. Libéma decided to collaborate with ORTEC to make it possible to work with a single system for scheduling all staff, permanent and temporary, at all locations.

Different scheduling methods, collective labor agreements and locations in one system 

A multidisciplinary working group from Libéma began by developing a detailed schedule of requirements to ensure the right selection of software systems. Jacco Voets, ICT Manager at Libéma, explains, “Our various companies, amusement parks, vacation resorts, trade shows, events and movie theater require different management approaches and scheduling methods. And there are three collective labor agreements in effect, making the situation even more complex. We also have numerous temporary employees. Our goal was to combine all activities in a single scheduling system with online functionalities available to employees through an app.” Thanks to its computing power and clever algorithms, the system can create optimal schedules that take into account a wide range of factors, rules and restrictions. Voets adds, “The ORTEC workforce scheduling system meets the most important criteria and, despite the numerous possibilities it offers, is still easy for everyone to work with.”

Safaripark Beekse Bergen and Brabanthallen set the ball rolling

With more than 20 locations and three separate divisions, Libéma offers much diversity to both families and the professional market, but that’s what also makes the business operations so diverse and complex. Voets explains, “The scheduling method is different for every division. The schedules for the vacation resorts and daytime recreational activities are based on the season, expected numbers of visitors, in addition to large group reservations. Project-based scheduling is used for events, which also involves more temporary employees. We’ve started by implementing the system for Safaripark Beekse Bergen and Brabanthallen, after which the others will be added to the system gradually.” 

From time registration to strategic workforce scheduling

According to the working group, the new system, ORTEC Workforce Scheduling, is easily accessible, user-friendly and well-organized thanks to the clear schedules, online app and easy-to-read overviews. Voets adds, “The use of the duty roster system used to be more or less limited to time registration. We now want to use it more for staff scheduling, qualification registration and to clarify needs and staffing requirements. The next step is to add the insourcing and outsourcing of staff between the departments and divisions, such as between Beekse Bergen and Brabanthallen. Libéma can also use the scheduling system strategically because we can compare the workforce scheduling to the budget during the second phase.” The partnership with ORTEC and implementation of the new system began in February and the pilot for the recreational companies will end in early June.

About Libéma

With 20 locations, Libéma is one of the largest leisure groups in the Netherlands. The group comprises three divisions: Amusement Parks, Vacation Resorts and Trade Shows & Events. Locations that fall under Libéma include Safaripark Beekse Bergen, Klimrijk Brabant, Brabanthallen ’s-Hertogenbosch, Omnisport Apeldoorn and Vakantiepark Beekse Bergen. Libéma offers a wide range of locations with a wealth of possibilities to both families and the business market.