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In order to respond to future healthcare needs, Zuyderland Medical and Healthcare developed a new healthcare concept in which the building, structure, organization, processes, and ICT are all tailored to suit. “Time that is freed up to increase the quality of healthcare.

Challenges in the world of Zuyderland

  • Zuyderland used a decentralized scheduling approach fragmented across 85 planners. The approach led to an overabundance of paperwork
  • Overview of the total schedule was almost non-existant
How Zuyderland aimed to optimize its world

  • Provided effective care despite shrinking Dutch job market
  • Created more efficient department workforce scheduling
  • Optimally deployed 6,300 employees and talented professionals
The solution

  • ORTEC Workforce Scheduling, integrated with SAP HR
The results

  • Decrease in costs due to over scheduling of employees (ORT) by an average of 2.5%, or about 2.2 million Euros
  • 6 planners now do the same work as 85 in the previous situation
  • Planners generate shift schedules 50% faster and costs due to over scheduling of employees are down by an average of 2.5%
  • No more manual data entry, leading to fewer errors and faster data transfer
  • Employees enjoy their work more thanks to transparency in the new scheduling process, online schedule availability, and the option to compare hours worked with pay slip
ORTEC Workforce Scheduling allows us to save up to 50% on workforce scheduling"