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GGZ Ingeest

GGZ InGeest is a highly regarded mental healthcare organization providing excellent individualized care for a full range of psychiatric disorders at 19 locations throughout Amsterdam, the Netherlands. GGZ InGeest is currently taking care of more than 25,000 patients with a highly educated workforce of 2,000 specialists in partnership with VU Medical Center (VUMC). VUMC is one of eight university medical centers (UMC) in the Netherlands.


  • To unify planning of flex employees and administration and create a reliable workforce planning process
  • To decrease time it takes for central flexpool planners and administrators to utilize workforce planning system
  • To interface workforce planning systems (Workforce Scheduling, Flexpool, Shiftbidding, Webaccess) and by so doing increase transparency and reduce mistakes in the workforce plan

ORTEC’s innovative planning tool – ORTEC Workforce Scheduling – creating a unified planning procedure delivering greater transparency with fewer mistakes and in much less time.

Benefits of central allocation of flex employees in combination with shift bidding:
  • Saving on temps
  • Services booking via Internet saving time for the flex planner
  • More efficient planning via professional planners with insight on formations and demand
  • Quick replacement in case of sickness
  • A closed chain and reduce commitment PSA proceedings
  • Greater confidence in the abilities of the flex pool
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Increased transparency and insight into bottlenecks, e.g., shortages/additional occupancy in departments
  • Insight into total lending hours
With ORTEC we save a vast amount of time in workforce planning and administration"
GGZ Ingeest