ORTEC's added value in different industries


Changing demographics, rising costs, and new business models are transforming the retail industry. With these changes comes even more pressure to increase revenue and control costs. Our Retail industry solutions strengthen your supply chain and support your omni-channel operations. You’re able to keep shelves stocked and continue providing top-notch service.
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Consumer Goods

The consumer products industry thrives on change, new products, new packaging, new promotions. You’re expected to react to demand, but you’d rather get ahead of it. Our Consumers Goods Industry solutions accommodate change without upsetting any of your stakeholders. They help you build flexible plans that keep your customers happy while increasing profitability.

Food & Beverage

Hundreds of customers, thousands of locations, tens of thousands of orders to process every day, managing logistics means managing volume. Getting the right products to the right place at the right time isn’t easy. But whether you're planning merchandizing routes, shipping to distributors, or supplying food ingredients, our Food & Beverage Industry solutions will help you deliver.


Managing outbound logistics involves mastering a series of complicated steps that each can have a huge impact on your overall performance. Think about planning your multi-stop truck routes. Our Transportation industry solutions help you create routes that strike your best balance between customer satisfaction, cost efficiency and applicable rules & regulations.

Oil, Gas & Chemicals

Dealing with downstream optimization means also dealing with inventory management, full-load planning, and building multi-stop-routes. Our Oil, Gas & Chemicals industry solutions help you create a schedule that’s efficient. You can replenish your gas stations at the optimum time at minimum cost, while complying with the applicable rules & regulations.

Health Care

Your sector is under constant pressure to reduce costs and to improve the level of patient care and the employee satisfaction at the same time. Our Healthcare Industry solutions support your planners and decision makers to construct better schedules, manage labor costs and improve the level of care.

ORTEC for On-site Workforce

ORTEC’s Industry solutions for On-site Workforce help you to draw up optimal and flexible schedules, taking into consideration factors such as changing staff availability, your employees’ individual competencies and differences in contracts/CLAs.
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Mobile workforce for B-to-B

ORTEC’s Industry solutions for Mobile Workforce provide support for all of the essential steps in your service process. Enabling you to determine the necessary capacity, assign the right employee to the right activity and ensure a simple but complete registration of the work performed.
Workforce B - C

ORTEC for Mobile Workforce B-to-C

ORTEC Industry solutions for Mobile Workforce B-to-C make it easy for your clients to make appointments online, offer reliable and short time frames for appointments and fast administrative processing while satisfying your clients’ demands and preferences.

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