Mission and Vision

Mission, Vision

Optimize Your World

Our mission is to optimize your world using world class mathematics and engineering. With our mathematical models, sophisticated optimization software and analytical skills, we can optimize all your business processes; the key to sustainable success in a challenging world.

Optimize The World

By 2050, the world’s population is projected to reach 9 billion+. Without innovation and optimization, we will need three planets to provide enough resources to sustain this growth. At ORTEC, we believe we can be a game changer. Through our growing customer base, we have an impact across the globe. Customers adopting our analytics and optimization approach achieve their ambitions, increase their economic and social value, and simultaneously reduce their environmental impact. Together, we can truly optimize the world.

Optimize Our World

Naturally, we closely monitor and optimize our own financial, social and environmental impact as well. Concurrently, we deploy our people and solutions globally responding to crisis and supporting socially responsible projects in four areas: environment, society, education and sports.