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Colruyt Group is a Belgian family owned retail corporation managing the Colruyt supermarket retail stores. Founded in 1925, the group today is significantly known for its eponymous discount supermarket chain, which is one of the major players especially in Belgium. Colruyt is headquartered in Halle, and has operations in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands.


The original depot of Colruyt France is located in Rochefort-sur-Nenon in the French Jura region. Because of the considerable distance between this depot and the stores, it was questionable whether expansion of the existing depot was the best solution. The remote location and the limited size of the depot prompted Colruyt to investigate the best options for expansion in the near future in the large northeastern region of France.
Colruyt wanted to base its choices on analytical arguments, and asked ORTEC:
To transform the available statistics into models so that the strategic choices could be made in an objective and well-reasoned manner


ORTEC Supply Chain Design
ORTEC’s in-depth knowledge was clearly visible and very important to us"