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Attendo has been providing all services in the chain of health, medical and dental care for the elderly and disabled for over 30 years. They are now market leaders in care for the elderly in the Nordic region, and hold a strong market position as a care provider for the disabled. Attendo’s promise to clients is threefold: they will receive the care they need, when they need it, and the way they want it.

To deliver on this promise, the backbone of Attendo’s model is the quality and availability of their employees. The nerve center is therefore the complex scheduling process run by their planners. The secret of their success? They optimized and they experienced first-hand how optimization of the scheduling process has wider business benefits for clients, employees, and management.

The Challenges

  • Scheduling the right caregivers to meet client needs
  • Planning shifts with enough time for each client
  • Empowering employees to create their own schedule
  • Getting better visibility within the scheduling system to prevent potential violations of labor laws
  • Getting access to reliable management information at all times
  • Ability to manage costs

How Attendo aimed to optimize their world

  • Leverage scheduling to enable total focus on clients
  • Facilitate employee self-scheduling with management oversight
  • Make scheduling process more cost-conscious
  • Enable better decision making with reliable, real-time management information
  • Be able to spot potential labor law violations pro-actively

The Solutions 

  • ORTEC Workforce Scheduling
  • ORTEC Workforce Scheduling BI Support
  • ORTEC Workforce Scheduling Budget & Control
  • ORTEC Workforce Scheduling Employee Self Service
  • ORTEC Workforce Scheduling Self Scheduling

The Results

  • Better quality of care because the daily need for workforce is based on the clients’ needs
  • Clients experience less disruptions because of less last-minute shifts changes
  • Greater employee engagement through empowerment over own work-life balance
  • Time spend on scheduling reduced from two days to two hours
  • Ability to manage costs in real-time
  • Working digitally instead of on paper is more environmental friendly
Bottom line, employees now save time and energy for pressing matters”