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ORTEC White paper - Inventory Routing as the way forward

How new technology can bridge the gap between planning and execution

Today’s economic environment poses quite some challenges to the Oil and Gas industry. Historically low crude prices put a great pressure on the downstream oil and gas operations. Fortunately most of the oil and gas downstream organizations have shown to have the flexibility to handle these challenges. In the past years the downstream industries demonstrated to have the capability to make the refineries more efficient and to introduce smarter supply chains and distribution processes. Given the current challenging market circumstances, these business drivers remain utmost relevant as is underlined by the recent study of Deloitte Market Point (2014). According to Deloitte, Oil and Gas companies continue to focus on reducing the overall costs. It is not without reason why Oil and Gas companies have looked at a smarter supply or distribution operations since several studies indicate that supply chain costs accounts for up to approximately 70% of the overall cost and transportation costs are a significant part of this.

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