October 20, 2015 | Atlanta (US)

ORTEC’s role at Coca-Cola highlighted during Dutch trade mission to US

Coca-Cola is delivered on time around the world thanks to Dutch planning system

Earlier this month Coca-Cola global headquarters in Atlanta were an interesting stop during the joint trade mission by Dutch and Flemish Prime Ministers Rutte and Bourgeois.

Each day, Coca-Cola delivers cola and other soft drinks on time around the world, thanks to a global logistics network and an advanced planning system developed by ORTEC, a global company with headquarters in the Netherlands.

The ORTEC planning systems at Coca-Cola accurately calculate how many trucks are required, how best to load them and the most efficient route, both in the warehouse and on the road. Coca-Cola’s ingenuity in conducting its activities has allowed it to make enormous savings. The members of the press travelling with Rutte, including from daily newspapers Algemeen Dagblad and de Telegraaf, and Rutte himself made a great deal of the Dutch company’s achievement at Coca-Cola worldwide.

Trade mission to Coca-Cola in Atlanta with ORTEC

According to the Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad, after Europe the US is the most important trade area for the Netherlands and Atlanta is a major gateway. The financial technology, cyber-security and logistics sectors are also well represented in Atlanta and these were the focus of the joint trade mission. Coca-Cola is based in Atlanta and to many it is a prime example of smart global logistics, as Prime Minister Rutte told Algemeen Dagblad: “I spent ten years working at Unilever, where logistics are also very important. We had the greatest respect there for what Coca-Cola does.” Rutte is also proud of ORTEC, the Dutch company that supplied Coca-Cola all over the globe with advanced planning systems. ORTEC is represented at many locations around the world and according to Rutte has reached the absolute pinnacle of global logistics. This is a justifiable conclusion given the results ORTEC is achieving at Coca-Cola alone. Shortly after it started, the ORTEC planning systems had already yielded 45 million US dollars in savings in North America alone, where 20 percent of Coca-Cola is sold.

Savings on logistics and Dutch knowledge of logistics

De Telegraaf, another leading Dutch newspaper, looked in detail at the question of how Coca-Cola has been able to save so much money in a relatively restricted distribution area within such a short space of time. Stefan Huntemann, Managing Director of ORTEC, explained this to the delegation: “There are 10,000 Coca-Cola trucks on the road in North America alone and Coca-Cola’s employees used to plan all the activities based on their own experience: the weight in the truck, the loading sequence, unloading and all the routes. Our software can do all of this much more quickly and ten to fifteen percent more efficiently. Driving fewer miles reduces Coca-Cola’s fuel bill significantly and causes less pollution.” Founder and CEO of ORTEC Aart van Beuzekom also travelled to Atlanta for the occasion and he explained that Coca-Cola has achieved a great deal but that much more could be done. Van Beuzekom: “Greater savings are possible, but many companies are still conservative when it comes to such developments. The Netherlands is a leader in logistics and its expertise is much in demand in the US. There are even Dutch professors teaching logistics at the prestigious Georgia Tech University.”

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