March 05, 2019

When Data Meets Delivery: How to Empower Retailers Through Logistics

Retailers face tough decisions every day trying to meet customer expectations, fulfill order demands and deliver revenue. With a volatile market and changing conditions, how can you grow your business with so many key supply chain constraints?

In this 1st of 2 webinars, you will learn how retailers use supply chain optimization technology to not only enhance visibility into operations but make better data-driven decisions about store delivery, staffing and more to minimize costs and deliver great customer service. Our experts will discuss the benefits of advanced planning and scheduling solutions combined with efficient load building and real-time routing – from improving on-time deliveries by 30% to reducing mileage to keeping shelves stocked. 


Chris Tuttle, Manager, Solutions Consultant
Aaron Geiger, Managing Director, Manufacturing and Retail
Goos Kant, Professor Operations Management & IT

Join the webinar on Tuesday, March 5, 2019 (2pm - 3pm US/Eastern). 
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