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ORTEC in retail webinars - Store Delivery optimization

The store delivery challenge
  • organize daily deliveries to 1000+ stores
  • enable 1000+ people at stores, distribution centers, suppliers and carriers to collaborate by using smart transportation control tower solutions
  • save up 10% in store delivery transportation costs
  • prepare for also handling home deliveries at DC level
ORTEC solutions
  • implement supply chain optimization solutions, as Walmart, Carrefour and Shoprite did, including transportation control tower functionality for:
    • full web access for 1000+ people
    • state of the art routing and dispatch optimization
    • route and load building optimization
    • routing and warehouse/DC optimization
    • advanced controls for traffic delays and roads with vehicle restrictions 
The webinar on Store Delivery Optimization, including case descriptions of:
  • Walmart: load building and routing optimization combined
  • Carrefour: transportation control tower applied for 1000+ people
  • Shoprite: store deliveries optimized for 1200+ stores, with strong savings on mileage and volume