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Carrefour Italy

As one of the largest hypermarket chains in the world and the leading retailer in Europe, Carrefour Italy has selected ORTEC’s solutions in order to increase transport efficiency, manage the complexity of decision-making and overcome the challenges that lie ahead.

Challenges in the world of Carrefour

  • Process standardization
  • Low visibility of the overall Supply Chain process
  • Adapt the truck fleets to actual needs
  • Improve transportation costs without impacting the service level

How Carrefour aims to optimize its world

  • Increase transport efficiency by optimizing routing and delivery time
  • Improve Track & Trace accuracy
  • Combine batch planning optimization with real-time execution and dispatch. 

The solution

  • ORTEC Routing and Dispatch
  • ORTEC Web Portals
  • ORTEC Mobile App

The results

  • Real time visibility & up-to-date ETAs
  • Improved store service level
  • Increased vehicle capacity utilization
  • Reduced number of empty miles
  • Lower CO2 emissions
With ORTEC Routing and Dispatch we have more visibility & transparency over the planned routes, which resulted in improved quality of deliveries to shops"
Carrefour Italy

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