20 december 2017 | Zoetermeer (NL)

Thanks to Mathematics a daily Route Optimization record of 1,6 million optimized stops has been achieved!

Yesterday, the ORTEC Cloud Services team reached a significant milestone with their cloud based Route Optimization service: an impressive total of 1,6 million optimized stops per day!

Where the average of optimized stops per day lies around one million with a trend of continuous growth, yesterday’s record number of 1,6 million optimized stops can be mainly put down to the holiday season.

What is ORTEC Route Optimization?
ORTEC Cloud Services for Vehicle Routing enables optimization of a company’s resources. With proven optimization technology and algorithms, hosted in the cloud, companies are able to connect their own software with ORTEC’s algorithms to optimize their routes.

With the tool companies can optimize the planning time by up to 50% whilst reducing the mileage and therefore fuel consumption of their fleet. There is a growing interest in cloud services as it offers customers increased scalability and flexibility. ORTEC customers include large international postal and logistics companies, but also field services companies.

Want to know more about ORTEC Cloud Services for Vehicle Routing? Click here to download the Product sheet.