20 april 2018 | Zoetermeer (NL)

1st half-year CO2-footprint ORTEC NL

Starting in 2018, ORTEC is expanding its sustainability reporting frequency, starting with our CO2 emissions. ORTEC NL is the first to publish an update on its CO2-footprint for the 1st half year of 2017. So far, the results look promising: our total energy use has decreased and the use of sustainable transportation alternatives has increased.

ORTEC is continuously working to expand how we report our sustainability KPIs, by including more of our offices around the globe, and by increasing the reporting frequency. The future aim is to turn all these static reports into a dynamic dashboard, and apply our analytics skills on our own data!

The first step is increasing the CO2 reporting frequency for our Dutch and Belgian offices from annual to biannual. Today, ORTEC NL publishes its first ‘HY1’ update, comparing the CO2-footprint of the first half year of 2017 with 2016.

The chart below shows the HY1 2017 CO2-footprint of ORTEC NL, scopes 1 and 2; the latter including business travel by private car and by airplane. As before, the emissions from lease cars and from business air travel are most significant. This also shows that especially the main office in the Netherlands, in Zoetermeer, is very energy efficient and uses green electricity.

HY-1 2017 CO2 emissions ORTEC NL

When comparing these results to 2016, the total emissions have been reduced by 3%. Except for gas consumption, all emission categories were reduced or stayed the same. Yet the number of FTE decreased last year, hence the CO2/FTE KPI has not improved and actually increased slightly with 0.2%.