Customers ORTEC

Coca-Cola Hellenic

The beverage corporation Coca-Cola Hellenic (CC Hellenic), based in Athens with subsidiaries in 28 European countries, optimizes its logistical processes with support from the APS (Advanced Planning & Scheduling) and logistics company ORTEC, thus achieving enormous potential savings.

Challenges in the world of Coca-Cola

Strong growth prompted Coca-Cola Hellenic to establish new standardized business processes throughout the entire 28 countries. Coca-Cola Hellenic runs one of the largest commercial fleet in Europe, with approximately 18,000 vehicles across its European operations.


  • CC Hellenic had specific requirements for various process structures and diverse markets
  • CC Hellenic needed a template solution, tailored to standardized CC Hellenic business processes

The Solution

In 28 countries, Coca-Cola Hellenic has already implemented the ORTEC supply chain optimization solutions for the beverage industry:

  • ORTEC Route Scheduling
  • ORTEC Warehouse