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Molson Coors

Founded in Montreal in 1876, Molson Coors Brewing Company is a leading global brewer generating more than $4 billion in annual revenues. Operating six brewery facilities and employing more than 3,000 workers, Molson Coors Canada produces brands that are among the nation's most popular, including Coors Light, Molson, and Blue Moon. In Quebec alone, they deliver to almost 1,500 customers daily. Molson Coors also invented the first recyclable can in 1959, and has established ambitious sustainability goals which it measures via it’s self-described “Beer Print.”


To achieve goals of becoming the industry innovator and to reduce:
  • number of miles driven
  • planning time of trucks and routes
  • number of resources required to satisfy the customer
  • carbon foot print or “beer print”

ORTEC. Not only does the new ORTEC solution handle routing, it also optimizes trucks and pallets, including how pallets are built and loaded on trucks. Because Molson's fleet comprises various types of trucks, the solution has to accommodate different equipment, available footprint, and order sizes—every element that goes into load optimization. The biggest improvement is that route planning and load building happen simultaneously.

This approach represents a significant step forward. Route planning and load building have historically been two distinct steps, resulting in the need for dispatchers to intervene with intensive manual adjustment. Integrating the functions not only reduces this need, but also frees dispatchers to pursue other opportunities. Additionally, the company can now visualize applications—for example, see a truck loading in 3D—and support dynamic routing, capabilities the earlier system didn't provide.
Another important aspect of this solution is that we gain access to any future technology improvements. With the legacy system, every improvement meant undertaking a new initiative. But ORTEC provides enhancements over time as the technology evolves. Transitioning to ORTEC was very smooth. We accomplished our goal of moving from a system we were comfortable with to an enhanced solution, without upsetting any of our stakeholders"
Molson Coors